Peace of Mind with Data Backup

The world of professional poker is fascinating. The stakes are high. National tournament winners take home millions in prize money. There’s the impression of a lavish and somewhat rebellious lifestyle. And there’s the risk.

As one former pro put it, “this isn’t about winning a trophy and a ring – in poker, if you don’t win, you don’t get paid. Period.”

Kind of makes you wonder how poker pros deal with that kind of stress, doesn’t it? With so much riding on each hand, sometimes thousands of dollars, how do you keep your cool? Are these people just wired for high-risk situations?

Actually, no. Not all of them, at least. They just know how to prepare.

Dealing with risk.

Poker is risky, but being a professional player isn’t inherently as wild as you might imagine. When the the Chicago Tribune ran a story on making a career out of playing Texas Hold ‘em, the author highlighted three keys to making the leap to pro without going bankrupt.

1. Research

There’s a ton of material out there on strategy and game play.

2. Analysis

Consistent winners are comfortable running numbers in their heads in seconds.

3. Backup

Never get caught with nothing to fall back on.

An unexpected connection.

Looking over that list, we can’t help but think of the correlation to running a business.

As a small business owner, your financial stability is dependent on your company’s success. If you don’t win, whatever that looks like for your business, you don’t get paid. How do you deal with that risk?

If you’re smart, much like a professional poker player.

You can handle the first two items on that list on your own. You’re the expert on delivering your goods or services. You also know how to analyze the state of the market you operate in.

But you may want some help with that last one.

Your backup plan.

Modern business is digital. The vast majority of the information you rely on day in, day out is stored electronically. All that data – customer information, financial records, inventory, orders, future plans, communication – all of it lives on a server somewhere.

What happens if that server takes a hit?

That’s why you need data backup. It’s your failsafe. It’s what guarantees that you never get caught with nothing to fall back on.

The stakes are high.

Data backup isn’t just a good idea or a “best practice.” It’s an essential component for business stability.

That’s because things happen. Things like cybersecurity attacks, natural disasters, human error and hardware failure. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 20% of businesses go offline because of one of those things every year.

Downtime is bad enough. But a network failure without data backup is more than inconvenient. It’s devastating.

The assurance of data backup.

Professional poker players mitigate risk by making sure they have a fallback plan. Small business owners need data backup for the same reason.

And this isn’t purely pragmatic. It’s about protecting your business and about providing you with peace of mind.

Running a business is hard enough without unnecessary stress. When you have a thorough data backup plan in place, that’s one less thing to worry about. And since this is a BIG one-less-thing, there’s real value in that peace of mind.

Data backup with PCX.

If you don’t have a data backup plan, we recommend that you get one. We also recommend that you enlist the help of some IT support pros.

Data backup is more intricate than it might seem at first. You’ll need some expertise to make sure your data is safe.

Here at PCX, we’re proud to offer data backup plans designed specifically for small businesses. We’ll make sure you’re fully covered.

If you’re ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with data backup, give us a call. We can help with that.