Outsourced IT

Navigating for Success with Outsourced IT

On November 17, 2012, Salvador Alvarenga went fishing.

It was meant to be a two day fishing trip with his younger associate, Ezequiel Córdoba. They were shark fishermen headed 50-100 miles off the coast of Mexico. They knew a storm was coming, but they were confident they could make the trip safely.

438 days later, Alvarenga finally set foot on land again. In the interim, he drifted, living on fish and birds, somehow surviving an unthinkable experience. Tragically, his companion didn’t make it.

No sail. No motor.

Is Alvarenga telling the truth? The story is plausible and unbelievable at the same time. There are plenty of skeptics.

But one thing’s for sure. If you’re in unfamiliar waters with no way to propel yourself toward a destination, you’re in trouble. If Alvarenga’s small ship had been equipped with a sail or working motor, he could have made it to land, no problem.

But take away those options and the best he could do was drift, hoping to come across a bigger ship or land.

Drifting aimlessly.

You’re not likely to take to the high seas in a vessel with no sail and no motor. That would be insane. But a surprising number of small business owners take that very approach with their technology.

Insight reports that just over half of all SMB leaders believe the IT solutions they have in place right now do more to get in their way than to help. Cloud computing is an important emerging business tool. But SearchCIO recently found that 52% of businesses are currently operating with no formal cloud strategy. And according to Microsoft, 47% of businesses haven’t even started to embrace digital solutions. Instead, they’re in a state of “digital denial.”

Any small business that isn’t serious about making the most of every available tech tool is essentially doing what Alvarenga did – drifting.

If you’re tired of following the current, crossing your fingers and hoping it will lead you where you want to go, then it’s time to consider outsourced IT support.

The wind in your sails.

Outsourced IT support is the motor on your wave-running speed boat. It’s the oar you use to paddle through the surf. It’s the wind in your sails.

Most small businesses can’t afford full-time, in-house IT support. That leaves you with several less-than-ideal options. You can limp along with no support, try the DIY approach, or hire the least expensive part-time help you can find.

Those options may get you moving, but none of them are going to deliver the same kind of raw power you can get from outsourced IT support.

An experienced, professional outsourced IT firm functions like a department within your business. These folks come along beside you, learn about your measures for success, and then help you put together a comprehensive technology strategy. We’re talking about critical core components, like around-the-clock monitoring, backup, cybersecurity and help desk support.

The goal is simple. Outsourced IT gives you the kind of sophisticated resources enterprise-level companies rely on every day. All without breaking the bank.

Where do you want to go?

If your current technology strategy is lacking, don’t settle. You can do more than just make do. It’s time to partner up. Outsourced IT can make a huge difference for your small business.

Here at PCX Technologies, we pride ourselves on being a personable, professional outsourced IT firm. We have two locations: Fort Worth, TX and Fort Myers, FL. We’re dedicated to helping businesses in those areas charter a course for some serious ROI.

If that sounds good to you, we invite you to give us a call.