Our events are amazing!

Every event is a time to get to know our clients better. We can socialize some, enjoy each other's company, and solidify the relationship. We want you to experience our sincere commitment to you. Taking a break from business just to have a good time is a great way to do that.
How to Use OneNote

6 ways to crank up your productivity with OneNote

OneNote is available on Microsoft desktops and iOS and Android phones, and it's completely free. But how does this powerful note-taking app boost productivity in the office? Check out these 6 ways to crank up your productivity with OneNote.

13 Reasons Absolute IT Is Absolutely Amazing

Most small businesses don’t need their own IT department. But you still need support. MSPs bridge the gap. A managed service provider can give you all the support of an in-house IT department, which is a real advantage for a small business. At PCX, we call our managed service offering Absolute IT.
A man holding tech tools.

3 tips for choosing the right tech tools for your business

When you own a business, you make a lot of decisions. One of them is the kind of technology you'll use. Choosing technology for your business is a high-stakes decision. The solutions you select will impact all of your operations. Here are 3 things to consider when choosing the right tech tools for your business.

Is Your Backup Plan Everything It Should Be?

Data backup and disaster recovery are essential components for any SMB. If you rely on technology, you can’t afford to lose a massive chunk of data. With headlines every other day about ransomware and dozens of other kinds of disasters, both natural and malicious, you need to know your data is safe.
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3 Sayings From The A-Team on the Benefits of IT Consulting for your Business

Hannibal, the team’s leader, always had a big, thick cigar pinched between grinning teeth as he said it, the smile suggesting that he had private expertise that guaranteed the team’s success, whatever the obstacle.
Woman working on laptop communicating on cloud device

What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

Before you decide on a specific cloud storage solution, there are a few key questions to ask. Some of this may seem heavy on the technical side but trust us. You don’t want to store your precious data in a place that’s not well protected. With that in mind, here is your cloud storage checklist.
Project management team at work.

6 Tips for Successful Project Management

There are five phases of every project lifecycle. Each has different objectives and many moving parts. It can feel overwhelming at first, but if you break each project down into smaller parts, even the most complex plans are feasible. Here are 6 project management tips to help you achieve success.
Mr. Robot and professional IT Services

Hack Your Business Success With Professional IT Services

With professional IT services, you get the benefit of having an expert design your project from the ground up specifically for your business’s unique set of requirements. This means no rogue devices or programs, no connectivity issues, and no unforeseen compatibility problems.

7 Project Management Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Project management is hard. Not because it’s hard to make plans. Plans are easy. And not because it’s difficult to get stuff done. You do that every day. Rather, project management is hard because in the average project there’s so much going on—and so much that can go wrong.