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How to maintain customer service during downtime

Some downtime is planned, while other outages may be due to technical failure. It’s more important than ever to maintain good customer service during downtime. Failure to do so may result in decreased profits or damage to your brand. No one wants a bad reputation!

Why 3-2-1 data backup is important for your SMB

Data loss can be catastrophic. It can lead to lost profits, a decrease in employee productivity, and damage to your business reputation. Understand why the 3-2-1 data backup rule is important by learning about the five most common types of data loss. Follow this rule to protect your SMB.

Why and how to lock down user access

Data breaches are on the rise across the business world. Are you at risk of a loss that can put you out of business? Make sure you’re following good user access controls to protect your data, reduce your risks, and get your employees to buy into security.

The complete guide to phishing attacks

Discover what phishing attacks are and how these cybersecurity threats can damage your small business. Also, learn seven simple and effective ways to keep these malicious email campaigns at bay, including using training, email encryption and antivirus programs.

5 things your employees need to know to stop data loss

Data loss is always a hard thing for companies to deal with. Luckily it is very easy to prevent. Some solutions are as simple as using surge protectors, keeping antivirus and other security software updated, and educating employees about security risks.

The biggest cybersecurity threats of 2018 (and how to stop them)

SMBs face plenty of cybersecurity threats. It’s essential to to know the challenges of keeping your company safe. While there are several ways cyberattacks can threaten your small business, and steps you can take to stop them. Get the scoop on what you can do to protect your business.

The 4 things you need for password security

Many cyberattacks are only successful because companies fail to encourage employees to create, store and manage passwords the right way. SMB owners would be wise to close the password security gap. Here are 4 steps that all employees should follow to ensure they are maximizing their password security.

Cloud storage wars: Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive

We’ve covered the most popular three consumer options below. If you’re looking for something for your personal use or even for a small business, each of these is a viable option. If you’re looking for something a little more robust, we suggest talking to your IT support provider.

6 of our favorite Chrome extensions

Well-designed Chrome extensions make your browsing experience better. We’re talking optimal functionality and performance. In fact, many feature user-friendly interfaces with robust customization options. Here are some of the extensions that work particularly well on the job.

Build your own BYOD policy

Are you struggling with employees bringing their own devices to work? Get step-by-step instructions for creating a BYOD (“bring your own device”) policy. These are the best practices for creating a BYOD policy, including acceptable use policy and BYOD wipe policy if a device is lost or stolen.