Dallas Fort Worth IT Support

PCX has been providing professional Dallas Fort Worth IT Support and Dallas Fort Worth IT Consulting to businesses Dallas Fort Worth, Texas since 1987.  We strive to give our Network clients Enterprise-level Dallas Fort Worth IT Support services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses.  Time and experience has helped us develop IT Support best practices and workflow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.  We provide onsite IT Support services to clients in the DFW area and remote computer and network support to our customers throughout Texas and in major cities across America.  Whether you are a small business in Dallas Fort Worth or need remote IT services elsewhere, PCX can be your, full service Dallas Fort Worth IT Support and Dallas Fort Worth IT Consulting solutions partner.

Our team of Network Support experts can become your outsourced IT department, responding to your IT support issues quickly, often before you even know about them.  Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure down to your computers, workstations, mobile devices and all of your Dallas Fort Worth IT Consulting projects we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

Dallas Fort Worth IT Consulting

  • Less Downtime – Faster resolution for computer problems leads to more productivity
  • Fewer Day-to-day Issues – Proactive maintenance in IT leads to less issues in general
  • Rock Solid Service– IT Consulting and Network Support that you can count on
  • More Opportunities – And more time in the day to take advantage of them
  • Flat-Rate IT Budget – Know your IT expenses ahead of time, accounting will thank you!
  • Infrastructure Protection – Keeping your Dallas Fort Worth Network and devices safe and secure
  • Business Continuity – Through backup and disaster recovery methods and best practices
  • A Good Night’s Sleep – Knowing your business is in good hands 24/7/365.

PCX is a full service Dallas Fort Worth IT Support vendor providing the following Dallas Fort Worth IT Consulting services:

  • Network Support Dallas Fort Worth
  • Security Solutions
  • Onsite Service
  • Virus – Worm – Spyware removal
  • High-speed Internet & E-mail
  • Dallas Fort Worth IT Consulting
  • Data Recovery and Backup Solutions
  • Custom Built Servers & Computers
  • VPN & Remote Access Solutions
  • Wireless Networks & Cabling
  • Computer Support DFW
  • Remote Network Support

Not sure where to begin with your Dallas Fort Worth IT Consulting, or even if PCX is a good fit for your Dallas Fort Worth IT Support needs.?  Give us a call or sign up to contact us and learn more about how we can help move your business forward.

“Your business depends on IT and at PCX, we’ve got IT covered”

Dallas Fort Worth Tidbits

The Dallas/Fort Worth area offers everything that can be associated with Texas. This is the region where big hats, big horns, large hair, are the norm and visitors and locals can watch the Fort Worth Cowboys rope steers and the Dallas Cowboys play football. However, stereotypes are only the beginning of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Metroplex is a home of family oriented, sports, art, and history exploits. The only problem is that all of these attractions can be found in both communities. Therefore, it can sometimes be a problem to allocate your time.

The best idea is probably to divide you time evenly between the two cities. Although the two communities are divided by 32 miles, you shouldn’t confine yourself to only half of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Prior to visiting the sixth floor museum in Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, those who are interested in history should start their visit off at the Fort Worth Stockyards. In the meantime, the art enthusiasts can divide their time up time between the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth. For those who have brought their children along with them, there is the Dallas World Aquarium as well as the Fort Worth Zoo. Another nice place to visit is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

The Dallas/Fort Worth region hasn’t forgotten its heritage of the Wild West, although both Dallas and Fort Worth are home to high end cultural and art districts, it isn’t uncommon to see people wearing cowboy boots and hats here, and cattle drives still occur in Fort Worth on a daily basis. In the meantime, there are still reminders of the Civil Rights Era in downtown Dallas, especially around Dealey Plaza in the downtown area.

However, you shouldn’t assume that the Dallas/Fort Worth area has been completely caught in the past. The fact is that quite the opposite is actually true. There is a flourishing scene here that is comprised of everything from the blues, rock and jazz clubs such as Deep Ellum to world class art museums such as the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Kimbell Art Museum. There is also a gigantic shopping scene here with many different places that will provide a workout for your credit card, from bohemian shops to large scale department stores.

There can be no doubt that the locals are absolutely in love with America’s team, otherwise known as the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys as well as their increasingly popular Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are one of the most popular subjects of conversation around here. Visitors can mingle with fellow fans at one of the many sports bars in the city or join in the fun at the AT&T Stadium.

Nobody every goes hungry in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Large appetites come along with big business, and this area knows how to satisfy them.

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is known for its Tex-Mex and red meat food. On the northeastern boundary of the Oak Lawn district in Dallas is a restaurant known as Al Biernat’s, which is known for its prime cuts of beef. Although it is a rather expensive place to eat the steak is worth the price, according to the avid foodies. Some of the best Mexican food is available just south of downtown Fort Worth at Tina’s Cocina. The locals swear that the pozole is excellent.

Dallas has recently been converted into a haven for international cuisine. These days, visitors you can find just about anything they desire, from Latin American favorites to Mediterranean cuisine. Visitors can sample some spicy curries in north Dallas at and Indian restaurant known as Mughalai, or go to Uptown and try Yutaka Sushi Bistro for some fresh sushi.

In Fort Worth the choices for dining are still traditional. The restaurants in Fort Worth are focusing on revamping its traditional chophouse and barbeque cuisine, while there are still the occasional international restaurants available. However, the old fashioned chicken fried steak and chili are staple dishes at many of the restaurants in Fort Worth. Sonny Bryan’s and Ricky’s barbeque, both of which have many different locations offer some authentic Fort Worth barbecue.

There are over 30,000 hotel rooms in Dallas alone. Visitors should have no problem finding a deal if they do their research. This is particularly true if they are planning a summertime or a wintertime trip.

The Kimball Art Museum and the stockyards in Fort Worth don�t charge any admission fee. If visitors want to watch a Dallas Cowboys football game they should buy a Party Pass and skip the seats that are full priced. They will save a considerable amount of money, although they will have to stand for the entire football game.

Every year, millions of attendees are attracted to the Texas State Fair, which features Texas on display and promises the best displays of Texan Pride including the best rodeos and the best Texas barbecue. The best time to visit is between late September and early October.

There is more than meets the eye in the Dallas/Worth area. This Metroplex is a flourishing epicenter of cuisine, shopping, and art. Therefore, visitors shouldn�t rule this destination just because they aren�t into rodeos or sports.