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PCX has been providing professional Estero IT Support and Estero IT Consulting to businesses Estero, Florida since 1987.  We strive to give our Network clients Enterprise-level Estero IT Support services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses.  Time and experience has helped us develop IT Support best practices and workflow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.  We provide onsite IT Support services to clients in the DFW area and remote computer and network support to our customers throughout Florida and in major cities across America.  Whether you are a small business in Estero or need remote IT services elsewhere, PCX can be your, full service Estero IT Support and Estero IT Consulting solutions partner.

Our team of Network Support experts can become your outsourced IT department, responding to your IT support issues quickly, often before you even know about them.  Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure down to your computers, workstations, mobile devices and all of your Estero IT Consulting projects we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

Estero IT Consulting

  • Less Downtime – Faster resolution for computer problems leads to more productivity
  • Fewer Day-to-day Issues – Proactive maintenance in IT leads to less issues in general
  • Rock Solid Service– IT Consulting and Network Support that you can count on
  • More Opportunities – And more time in the day to take advantage of them
  • Flat-Rate IT Budget – Know your IT expenses ahead of time, accounting will thank you!
  • Infrastructure Protection – Keeping your Estero Network and devices safe and secure
  • Business Continuity – Through backup and disaster recovery methods and best practices
  • A Good Night’s Sleep – Knowing your business is in good hands 24/7/365.

PCX is a full service Estero IT Support vendor providing the following Estero IT Consulting services:

  • Network Support Estero
  • Security Solutions
  • Onsite Service
  • Virus – Worm – Spyware removal
  • High-speed Internet & E-mail
  • Estero IT Consulting
  • Data Recovery and Backup Solutions
  • Custom Built Servers & Computers
  • VPN & Remote Access Solutions
  • Wireless Networks & Cabling
  • Computer Support DFW
  • Remote Network Support

Not sure where to begin with your Estero IT Consulting, or even if PCX is a good fit for your Estero IT Support needs.?  Give us a call or sign up to contact us and learn more about how we can help move your business forward.

“Your business depends on IT and at PCX, we’ve got IT covered”

Estero Tidbits

Estero, Florida is located in Lee County. The population of Estero was 18,176 people according to the census that was taken in 2010. The Florida Gulf Coast University is also located just outside of the Estero planning district. The community is also the host for the games played by the Everblades ice hockey team in the Germain Arena. Estero is part of the Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Region

A man who proposed that we live on the inside the hallow Earth and that we should be living inside the outer skin of the Earth named Cyrus Teed, established and incorporated the community of Estero. In 1894, this theory, which was known as the Koreshan Unity, resulted in his followers to buy and occupy a 320 acre plot of land. They prospered sufficiently to establish their own political party, known as the Progressive Liberty party, lived communally and were oriented towards business, and, in 1904, incorporated the community of Estero. Although he claimed to be immortal, Dr. Teed passed away in 1908, which was a crucial blow to the faith of his followers, and whose membership dwindled up until the 1960’s. However, the Foundation remains and is known as The College of Life Foundation, which, in 2007, contributed a minimum of $25,000 to the Gulf Shore Playhouse. The original tract of land that was owned by the Koreshans is currently owned by the state of Florida as the Koreshan State Historic Site.

These days, professional and young families join the ranks of the retired, while the community forges its way into the 21st century. The colorful history of Estero is being carefully preserved by the Estero Historical Society, although the herds of cattle and the citrus groves might be dwindling. The many dozen members of this Society have collected numerous first person narratives artifacts, and photos that e chronicle the colorful past of this community.

Estero was inhabited several thousands of years ago by the ancient tribes of the Native Indian Calusas, along with much of coastal Southwestern Florida. The Calusas Indian tribe paddled their cypress canoes into settlements in other regions, established villages close to the tributaries of fresh water, and fished in the Gulf. Archaeologists believe that the close by Mound Key in Estero Bay might be the regional center of the tribe. The island is approximately 33 feet tall, is covered with huge middens, and is 125 acres in size.

Enterprising pirates and Spanish explorers sailed the coastal waters in galleons that were laden with treasures in Southwestern Florida during the 1500’s. They named this region Estero, which translates into estuary in the Spanish language. Some sank to the bottom of the sea by hurricanes, others were driven out by high winds and storms, and still others purposely put ashore to refill their casks of water and to rest.

Ponce de Leon was sent on a mission of conquest as soon as the Spanish monarchy received word of this new land and the fierce looking and tall inhabitants known as the Calusas. Although the Calusas warrior tribes defeated him and he was driven back out to sea, he sailed as far south as Estero Bay. The Calusa were eventually conquered by disease rather than warfare by the other Spaniards that followed. Among the sheltered Indian tribes, common European sicknesses including influenza and smallpox spread like wildfire. In the late 1700’s the last known Calusa passed away.

Florida had become the land of opportunity by the middle 1800’s. The families of white settlers headed south and settled on the high ground that the Calusas created and raised cattle and citrus. One of the early pioneers in Lee County was a man named Frank Johnson, who settled on Mound Key and started excavating the historic site, and gathered gold left behind by the Spaniards and artifacts left behind by the Calusa Indians.

In 1960, the four remaining members deeded the Koreshan property to the State of Florida. These days, the Koreshan State Historic Site includes boating, picnicking nature study, camping, fishing activities and has many preserved buildings. In accordance with the seasonal demand, park rangers offer campfire programs and guided walks. Canoe rentals are also available.

The Koreshan State Historic Site and Park on the estuary on Estero bay, is located two miles west of Koreshan State Park. There are two state parklands in Estero that have almost identical names.

In the early 1900’s, Estero was a primary citrus producing region for 50 years. However, the land was used for grazing after the citrus industry moved out. Naples and Fort Myers started growing during this time period. Fort Myers grew to the south and Naples grew to the north. Estero was the last region to experience any growth, primarily because the community was equidistant from both. These days, the community considered the epicenter of growth in Southwestern Florida that is growing at the rate of 30 new homes each week and a current population of 30,000 people.