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As a small to medium sized Estero business owner, you have unique IT demands that must be met if you want to remain competitive within your industry. As your business grows, your network’s efficiency will affect customer satisfaction and your bottom line. If you’re constantly worried about whether your IT systems are working as intended, it’s time to consider a proactive solution.

At PCX Technologies, we offer comprehensive Estero IT consulting and support for an affordable monthly fee. We supply everything you need to Estero IT Supportsuccessfully run your network, including 24 hour support from a live operator and real-time monitoring of essential network systems.

Whether you’re a new startup or established business in need of Estero IT support, we can help you develop and implement your network. Then we back it up with comprehensive Estero network support that anticipates problems before they cost you money.

If you’re aware of your tech, then it’s likely not working as intended. Outsource your Estero IT support to our team of professionals and make sure your network is driving your business forward.

Estero IT Support – Estero IT Consulting – Estero Network Support – Estero IT Consultant

  • Our Estero IT consulting company can supply everything you need to run a network
  • You don’t have to deal with the hassle and expense of an in-house network when you take advantage of our all-inclusive Estero IT support
  • We offer 24/7 IT support, and when you call you will speak to a live operator
  • By charging a monthly flat fee, we are motivated to keep your network running at peak performance
  • Contact a Estero IT Consultant from PCX Technologies today and find out how we can help you develop a network that drives your bottom line

Estero IT SupportWhen your IT is working as intended, you don’t even know it exists. However, when network problems arise unexpectedly, it can derail productivity and have an adverse affect on your company’s reputation and bottom line.

PCX Technologies is a Estero network support company and managed services provider that eliminates the headaches associated with in-house IT so that you can focus on the needs of your customers. If you would like more information about how we can help you address or upgrade your specific network requirements, contact one of our Estero IT consultants today.

Estero IT support and consulting -why outsourcing makes sense

If you run a small to medium sized business, it’s vital that your network meet daily demands and be capable of growth. Many businesses in Estero employ their own “IT guy,” and it’s a solution that may work for a period of time. However, there comes a point in any business where one guy simply cannot handle the ever-increasing workload, and this can cause network problems to reach crisis levels.

In every phase of business, time is money. If you’re paying a Estero IT consultant by the hour there is no incentive for them to prevent your IT problems. Often in these situations, IT systems will be poorly maintained, and support may be nonexistent. Even minor problems can suddenly become major ones, and when this happens it can erode customer satisfaction and adversely affect your profit margins.

When it comes to your Estero network support, it makes sense to outsource to a company that charges a single monthly flat fee. Our goal is to anticipate network problems before they become critical, because we only turn a profit if we avoid the pitfalls of poor maintenance or inadequate support.Estero IT Support

Through constant, real-time monitoring of your IT systems, we prevent downtime so that you can maintain focus on your customers. Our Estero network support team will know about and resolve problems before you’re even aware that they exist. If you don’t see us, then you know we are doing our job, which is why we provide you† with a Periodic Business Review designed to show you proactive tickets, reactive tickets, and other vital statistics.

Estero IT consulting that defines and meets your business goals
We cater to small and medium sized business owners in a broad range of industries, typically with 25 to 100 network users. One of the largest hurdles small Estero business owners must overcome is developing a network that offers customers a seamless support experience on par with larger business while acknowledging budgetary limitations.

We proudly work with new businesses to fully develop and implement Estero network support plan, and with established businesses who recognize the need for an upgrade or are unhappy with their current level of IT support. If you’re not careful, technology can quickly pass you by, so it’s essential that your business remain at the forefront of IT innovations that improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What follows is a brief overview of how our Estero IT consulting process works:

  • Identifying your IT needs – Your Estero IT consultant will meet with you to discuss your goals and needs to determine whether our services are a good fit. If so, we can take the next step.
  • Exploring your IT needs in detail – How would you like your business to grow? Where do you envision your company in the future? What level of Estero network support can we provide to get you there, while acknowledging your budget? As we work directly with you to explore your unique IT needs, we can fully define the level of support we’re capable of providing.
  • Creating your IT blueprint – Your Estero IT consulting professional will create an “atlas” of change that documents how we will help you meet your network goals. The focus of this blueprint is to identify the technologies that will be most useful to your business, and outline how they will be† managed.
  • Implementation of your Estero IT support plan – By developing a comprehensive IT blueprint, we ensure that implementation is seamless. Throughout the design, configuration, and deployment phases, we oversee the process to ensure a positive outcome.
  • Unmatched support and guidance from a team of Estero IT consultants – We keep your network running flawlessly by proactively managing each system with continuous 30 second real-time updates. Network monitoring and ongoing management ensures the reliability of every part of your network. If a problem arises or you need immediately support, a live person is ready to answer your phone call and direct you to a qualified Estero IT consultant.

Estero IT Support

Estero Network Support – Estero Managed IT Services

What follows is a brief overview of our most popular Estero network support services that can be incorporated into your own IT package:

  • Absolute IT – This is our most comprehensive Managed IT services plan, and it will help you steer your business towards greater innovation, improved efficiency, and increased profits. This service covers all of your IT needs, including employee workstations, servers, and other devices that support your organization’s workflow. Ongoing support backed up with proactive monitoring ensures the reliability of your IT infrastructure.
  • Absolute Cloud – Our cloud services allow members of your team to work with greater efficiency and freedom. When you migrate data to the cloud, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, using any device that you have on hand. You will have total access to all of your resources when you need them when you choose this Estero IT support service.
  • Absolute backup – Losing data can be devastating. With our continuous and automatic data backup service, you never have to worry about damaged or lost files again. Updates, enhancements, and changes are all saved instantly with this Estero network support service. You can recover any important data within seconds, so you never have to lost sleep worrying about the integrity of your data.
  • VoIP and wireless – Stay connected to every member of your workforce with VoIP (Voice Over InternetProtocol) solutions that match the needs of your small to medium† sized business. Your Estero IT consultant from PCX Technologies will work with you to create and maintain a seamless VoIP connection for every one of your employees.

Why choose PCX Technologies for your outsourced Estero IT support needs

Running a network on your own can be costly, cumbersome, and frustrating. By providing everything you need to run your network, the Estero IT Estero IT Supportconsulting team at PCX helps keep your network running as intended.

If you’ve been paying an “IT guy” an hourly rate to maintain your network, you may be disappointed with the end result. Without any incentive to maintain and support your network, it’s counterproductive for this IT guy to fix the problem. By outsourcing your Estero IT consulting and support to PCX for a monthly flat fee, you ensure that you’re getting the most from your dollar investment.

Why should you choose our Estero IT support company?

  • Customized planning and implementation – Your Estero IT consultant will work with you to implement a streamlined network strategy. By choosing the IT services you need and eliminating those you don’t, we ensure that you operate at maximum efficiency with the lowest cost possible.
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring – If you’re unaware of your IT, then it’s working as intended. Network failures cost you money, which is why we monitor key systems to avoid costly down time and repair issues before they become serious problems. Every 30 seconds, your IT equipment is sending us information that we use to ensure reliable operation.Many of our customers are entirely unaware of what we do in the background because we do it so well. For this reason, we supply our IT support customers with a Periodic Business Review to show you the number of proactive tickets versus reactive tickets, and other vital statistics.
  • 24/7 live operator – When you call us for support, the phone will be answered by a live operator fully qualified to direct your call to the appropriate Estero IT consultant. This is yet another advantage of paying a monthly flat fee for your IT network needs, as you don’t have to worry about cost overruns when you need immediate support.
  • Proven track record – If you’re still unsure whether outsourcing your IT network is a good idea, take a look at the comments from some of our valued clients and see for yourself what we can do for you. Our track record speaks for itself, so why put your trust in an “IT guy” when you can have a team of Estero IT consultants ensuring maximum efficiency 24 hours a day.
  • Monthly flat fee – By charging a monthly flat fee, we are highly motivated to keep your network running at peak efficiency. This incentive-based fee also allows you to develop a reliable budget without having to worry about any additional costs when problems arise unexpected.

Estero IT Support

Our main goal is to help your business succeed by implementing and maintaining an IT support package that supports your unique workflow.

Contact us today to get started.Our network support team is ready to develop a comprehensive IT management plan for your small to medium sized business. We treat every client like a member of our family, and maintain core values focused on honesty and accountability.

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Estero Tidbits

Estero, Florida is located in Lee County. The population of Estero was 18,176 people according to the census that was taken in 2010. The Florida Gulf Coast University is also located just outside of the Estero planning district. The community is also the host for the games played by the Everblades ice hockey team in the Germain Arena. Estero is part of the Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Region

A man who proposed that we live on the inside the hallow Earth and that we should be living inside the outer skin of the Earth named Cyrus Teed, established and incorporated the community of Estero. In 1894, this theory, which was known as the Koreshan Unity, resulted in his followers to buy and occupy a 320 acre plot of land. They prospered sufficiently to establish their own political party, known as the Progressive Liberty party, lived communally and were oriented towards business, and, in 1904, incorporated the community of Estero. Although he claimed to be immortal, Dr. Teed passed away in 1908, which was a crucial blow to the faith of his followers, and whose membership dwindled up until the 1960’s. However, the Foundation remains and is known as The College of Life Foundation, which, in 2007, contributed a minimum of $25,000 to the Gulf Shore Playhouse. The original tract of land that was owned by the Koreshans is currently owned by the state of Florida as the Koreshan State Historic Site.

These days, professional and young families join the ranks of the retired, while the community forges its way into the 21st century. The colorful history of Estero is being carefully preserved by the Estero Historical Society, although the herds of cattle and the citrus groves might be dwindling. The many dozen members of this Society have collected numerous first person narratives artifacts, and photos that e chronicle the colorful past of this community.

Estero was inhabited several thousands of years ago by the ancient tribes of the Native Indian Calusas, along with much of coastal Southwestern Florida. The Calusas Indian tribe paddled their cypress canoes into settlements in other regions, established villages close to the tributaries of fresh water, and fished in the Gulf. Archaeologists believe that the close by Mound Key in Estero Bay might be the regional center of the tribe. The island is approximately 33 feet tall, is covered with huge middens, and is 125 acres in size.

Enterprising pirates and Spanish explorers sailed the coastal waters in galleons that were laden with treasures in Southwestern Florida during the 1500’s. They named this region Estero, which translates into estuary in the Spanish language. Some sank to the bottom of the sea by hurricanes, others were driven out by high winds and storms, and still others purposely put ashore to refill their casks of water and to rest.

Ponce de Leon was sent on a mission of conquest as soon as the Spanish monarchy received word of this new land and the fierce looking and tall inhabitants known as the Calusas. Although the Calusas warrior tribes defeated him and he was driven back out to sea, he sailed as far south as Estero Bay. The Calusa were eventually conquered by disease rather than warfare by the other Spaniards that followed. Among the sheltered Indian tribes, common European sicknesses including influenza and smallpox spread like wildfire. In the late 1700’s the last known Calusa passed away.

Florida had become the land of opportunity by the middle 1800’s. The families of white settlers headed south and settled on the high ground that the Calusas created and raised cattle and citrus. One of the early pioneers in Lee County was a man named Frank Johnson, who settled on Mound Key and started excavating the historic site, and gathered gold left behind by the Spaniards and artifacts left behind by the Calusa Indians.

In 1960, the four remaining members deeded the Koreshan property to the State of Florida. These days, the Koreshan State Historic Site includes boating, picnicking nature study, camping, fishing activities and has many preserved buildings. In accordance with the seasonal demand, park rangers offer campfire programs and guided walks. Canoe rentals are also available.

The Koreshan State Historic Site and Park on the estuary on Estero bay, is located two miles west of Koreshan State Park. There are two state parklands in Estero that have almost identical names.

In the early 1900’s, Estero was a primary citrus producing region for 50 years. However, the land was used for grazing after the citrus industry moved out. Naples and Fort Myers started growing during this time period. Fort Myers grew to the south and Naples grew to the north. Estero was the last region to experience any growth, primarily because the community was equidistant from both. These days, the community considered the epicenter of growth in Southwestern Florida that is growing at the rate of 30 new homes each week and a current population of 30,000 people.

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