Strategic Planning

Aligned Goals Are the Key to IT Strategic Planning

The water dikkop is an odd-looking little bird. Its large eyes blend with a mask of light-colored feathers to give it an alarmed look. Which, frankly, kind of fits.

That’s because the water dikkop builds its nest directly beside the nest of a Nile crocodile. Yup – on purpose.

If you’re thinking, “Wait. Don’t crocodiles eat birds?” then you understand how bizarre this behavior sounds. In reality, it’s one of the most fascinating strategic planning gambles in nature.

Here’s how it works.

The water dikkop is a little guy in a wildly hostile environment. There are all kinds of predators ready to snatch up its eggs for a quick, easy meal. It knows it can’t physically defend its nest, so it employs a risky strategy.

By placing its nest next to a crocodile’s nest, it guarantees protection for its young.

But what about the croc?! Oddly, the crocodile benefits, too. It can only defend its nest if it’s there, but it has to leave to hunt. When a predator comes close to the pair of nests, the water dikkop starts screeching. Loudly. This serves as an alarm, calling the croc back to the nest to defend its young, as well as the unhatched birds.

As unlikely as this alliance sounds, it works. And it works for one simple reason: The animals’ goals are aligned. Both want to defend their nests.

You need strategic planning.

“There is an often-missing component [in business] that, if consistently applied, will dramatically enhance the progression of strategy creation, communication and execution. That critical element is ALIGNMENT.Forbes

Your IT network is the backbone of your business.

IT solutions aren’t just a matter of convenience. You rely on this stuff. It’s what keeps you in contact with your customer base, gives you the agility to be productive, and allows for the storage and analysis of huge amounts of information in small amounts of time.

But without strategic planning, your IT solutions aren’t likely to benefit you nearly as much as they could. And without alignment, strategic planning can’t happen.

Epic IT support begins with alignment.

To be blunt, this is where a lot of IT support providers fall short.

They’re sold on the value of IT solutions. They even understand the importance of strategic planning. But they fail to create the kind of alignment needed to bring it all together.

Solid IT support has to start with a clear understanding of the client’s business goals. Every company does business a little differently, even if they’re in the same industry. That’s why the cookie-cutter approach feels so cold and impersonal.

Because it is.

The kind of IT solutions you’ll get the most benefit from depends entirely on what you’re trying to accomplish. That’s why goal alignment is the best place to start. When an IT support provider makes it a point to understand your business first, the advantages of both strategic planning and IT support meet.

That’s where the magic happens.

The PCX way.

Here at PCX, we pride ourselves on making strategic planning a part of IT support. We always start by getting to know our clients. Goal alignment is a central part of everything we do.

If you’re looking for an IT support partner, we’d be happy to show you how working with us is different. Just give us a call, and we’ll get the conversation going.