6 of our favorite Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions are small software programs that enhance your browsing experience. In fact, these extensions enable users to customize their Chrome experience.

This includes better productivity and performance for searches, along with security and convenience for SMB owners.

These extensions are designed with web-based technologies, like CSS, JavaScript and CSS.

What can Chrome extensions do for me?

Google Chrome literally offers hundreds of extensions for SMB and personal users.

These include basic extensions, like Google Mail Checker, which gives you an easy way to keep an eye on unread messages in your Gmail inbox. There are also extensions for capturing screenshots, integrating your social media pages, and so much more.

Well-designed Chrome extensions make your browsing experience better. We’re talking optimal functionality and performance. In fact, many feature user-friendly interfaces with robust customization options.

If you want to explore all the available Chrome extensions out there, check out the Chrome Web Store.

A word of warning

All Chrome extensions are not created equal. Some of them really will boost productivity, make collaboration easier or put valuable information at your fingertips. And some of them are just poorly designed.

There’s even a chance that some will compromise your cybersecurity.

How can you tell the difference between the good ones and the not-so-good ones? We recommend sticking with well-reviewed extensions provided by known, reputable developers. Extensions like the ones on our list below are tried and true.

Some of our favorite Chrome extensions

As we mentioned earlier, there are extensions out there for practically everything. This is hardly an all-inclusive list. However, these are some of the extensions that work particularly well on the job.


You can eliminate a lot of the pesky, unsolicited ads you come across online by using an ad-blocker extension in Chrome. In fact, Ad Blocker for Chrome blocks ads on Facebook, YouTube and other websites. It’s little wonder it’s the number one most downloaded extension on Google Chrome.

Better Tab

You can easily streamline and centralize your Chrome browser for a more personalized experience. With Better Tab, you get a customizable dashboard with to-do-list templates, calendars, reminders and even eye-catchy wallpapers and images. Similarly, there is a portal for uploading your own business imagery and content. Talk about convenient and practical.

Quick Find

The Google Chrome Quick Find extension helps SMB owners increase productivity and performance by improving Chrome’s “find on page” feature. You can manage your on-page searches and results from one convenient location.


Do you use Salesforce? Then you want to check out ORGanizer for Salesforce. This extension makes working with Salesforce easy and convenient. From managing and organizing tabs to storing frequent passwords for site or blog log-ins, you can keep all your business links, documents and correspondences in order. With its built-in Quick Link tool, you can access, manage and execute all kinds of business tasks.


Todoist is one of the most used Chrome extensions with more than 7 million users. This popular to-do list task manager easily integrates with your Chrome browser. This extension enables you to collaborate with team members, making it much easier to track important projects. It also includes reminders for one-off and recurring tasks. It’s compatible with all devices and perfect for SMB owners or on-the-go entrepreneurs.


HoverReader is a great extension for small business owners who do a lot of online reading. This Chrome extension lets you read entire articles just by hovering over a link. Plus, all the ads are filtered out. This little extension has the potential to save you hours of time.

Wrapping up

These are just some of the many extensions available for Chrome SMB users. To learn more about how these extensions can enhance your business, we encourage you to talk to your IT support partner.