Business Laptop

5 things a business laptop must have

When searching for a business laptop, there are a lot of choices out there.

You really want to make sure you have something high-quality and dependable. You want something with a lot of features, but not so many that the laptop is bulky and burdensome to carry around. And it’s no good if the thing is going to be obsolete in the next month.

Luckily, PCX Technologies is here to tell you all about some of the must-have features for your next business laptop.

1. Solid state drives

Business laptops have to be fast, and solid state drives really deliver. Instead of having moving parts like their traditional counterparts, SSDs are faster, harder to damage and overall more reliable.

They are slightly more expensive than traditional drives, but the price has really dropped in the last few years. They’ve become the standard for business computers.

With an SSD, programs that traditionally take a long time to load can open in a matter of seconds. That saves you and your employees time, and helps everyone avoid the frustration that can negatively affect productivity!

2. Lots of RAM

Random Access Memory is what lets your computer multitask.

Just a few years ago, 4GB RAM was standard. Today, that’s not enough for everything that people need to do. Now, 8GB or even 16GB is the standard. That’s enough for people who need to run powerful software to do things like photo, sound or video editing, magazine layouts, and even database management.

If you have too many things running on a smaller amount of RAM, your computer is going to lag.

3. The right ports

It’s 2018. Let’s face it. You don’t need a disk, DVD or CD drive on your computer. You do, however, need the right ports for connecting to other data devices like external drives.

USB-C is a new type of USB port that looks a little different than the one you’re used to. Traditional USB ports are known as USB-A. This new one is smaller and doesn’t have a specific orientation—no more fumbling around trying to figure out which end is up!

It’s about twice as fast as your traditional USB port and can send data, video, power and even audio through it. This is predicted to be the industry standard going forward.

4. Long battery life

You never know how long that meeting is really going to last, and on the day when you accidentally left the charger at home, too! Not to worry—you were smart and you picked the business laptop with a great battery.

Many modern laptops have a battery lives of up to 22 hours—even with continuous use. Others have a rapid charging feature that allows you to recharge the battery in record time. Some models have the option to change out the battery for a fully charged one, or one with a higher capacity, until the previous one is all charged up.

5. Portability

Most laptops are truly portable, but some are lighter than others. Consider everything else you have to carry on a regular basis and then add up to six pounds of laptop weight to that.

Luckily, most business laptops are designed to be the perfect combination of powerful and light, with some weighing as little as one and a half pounds!

Now that you have the perfect business laptop, contact PCX Technologies to get it all set up and integrated with the rest of your business’ IT solutions, and find out why our current clients can’t stop raving!