Professional Services Are Like Field of Dreams

4 Reasons Your SMB Needs IT Professional Services (Even If You Think You Don’t)

It’s quiet. There’s no wind blowing through the stalks. No city noise, either. Just the tranquil sort of peace that sometimes accompanies a country sunset. The sky is a mix of pale orange and blue, and that’s when he hears the voice.

It’s not a voice he expects to hear. He’s just walking in his field, checking on the progress of his crop. Everything seems to be in order—except, perhaps, his sanity.

“If you build, he will come.”

You know the scene, right? Kevin Costner is surrounded by half-grown stalks of corn, that look of everyman wonder on his face, trying to make sense of the disembodied voice he just heard. And he hears it again.

That sets the stage for an epic-but-whimsical film. It’s kind of an anomaly among sports movies because it’s not really about the sport. Field of Dreams is about relationships . . . and about doing what you can to make your personal dreams come true.

If you build it, they will come.

That scene (and the movie) are so iconic that we’ve all heard the famous line more times than we could count. It’s been used repeatedly in every possible venue, from motivational speeches to marketing, to push people to get to it.

To build something. Something that will make people want to take action.

It’s a message that resonates. Look at you. You’re a business leader. You build things all the time. Teams, projects, timelines, profitability, even whole companies. In a sense, you’re always building.

But here’s the thing. When Ray Kinsella (Costner’s character in Field of Dreams) decided to go all in on building a whole baseball field in his yard, he didn’t do the entirety of the work alone. And there are times when you could use a helping hand, too.

The case for IT professional services.

We’ll admit it right here and now. “Professional Services” is an annoyingly vague term. What does that even mean?

In general, the term gets used to describe any kind of business-related work that requires special training. (Which is almost all work, right?) In the IT sector, though, it means something a bit more specific. IT professional services typically refers to project management.

In other words, the technical equivalent of building something.

If you need to replace your current onsite server or implement a new piece of software company-wide or overhaul your entire infrastructure, those all fall under the umbrella of “IT professional services.”

And while you could tackle projects like that on your own, there are some compelling reasons to call on the help of a professional services provider. Four of them, in fact.

1. IT Project Management Isn’t What Made You Great

Assuming you don’t run an IT company, there’s a good chance that technology solutions aren’t your forte. We’re not saying you’re not tech-savvy. We’re just saying this isn’t your bread and butter.

Because that’s true, there’s going to be a learning curve if you take a DIY approach to IT projects. Could you save some money by leaving professional services out of the mix? Sure. Maybe. But that decision could easily impact the success of the project.

2. Splitting Your Focus Is a Bad Idea

A few years ago, Forbes published an article identifying “the big league secret to business.” The hidden wisdom that makes some business leaders so successful? Focus.

Even if you have the technical chops to oversee your own IT projects, doing so will force you to shift gears. You won’t be able to implement new inventory software and keep up with all your other daily responsibilities at the same time.

Something has to give.

Recruiting the help of a professional services expert allows you to concentrate your attention on running the business with the assurance that your IT projects are in good hands.

3. Getting IT Projects Wrong Is Expensive

Building something once takes time, effort and energy. Building it twice takes more time, effort and energy. It’s as simple as that.

And what about efficiency? A seasoned IT project management pro will be able to streamline changes to your network. The less disruption to normal business, the better. Every missed deadline or accidental over-spend cuts into your profits.

A key part of maximizing ROI is minimizing loss. Professional services can pay off big time.

4. This Is What The Major Players Do

As a recent article in CIO pointed out, “. . . if small and midsize business spending is to mimic larger firms, so too should their project management practices.”

Enterprise-level companies understand the value of a professional project management approach. That’s why they consistently rely on professional services to guide them through their IT projects, even if they have an in-house IT department.

Professional services can get you there.

Over the course of your company’s lifetime, you’re going to take on a lot of IT projects. Those projects can be black holes that suck up time and money or they can be manageable challenges.

Your strategic approach makes the difference. That and getting the right help.

If you have IT projects on the horizon, we strongly recommend enlisting the help of a professional services expert. You’ll be glad you did.